Code Table Editor


The Code Table Editor allows you to create new genetic codes and to edit existing genetic codes. It contains the code of the highlighted genetic code table from the previous window. To name the new genetic code or to change an existing code, click in the 'Name' box and type the new name.


The genetic code in this editor is set up intuitively. To save space, only the amino acid encoded by a codon is shown. The first position of the codon is shown on the left, the second position on the top, and the third position on the right. To find the codon for any given entry on the screen, position your mouse over the desired amino acid and wait for a moment; a yellow hint will be displayed.


To change the amino acid encoded by any codon, click and scroll down to choose the desired amino acid. Alternatively, once the codon has been selected, type in the first letter of the name of the amino acid and the program will jump to that part of the list. To indicate a stop codon, select '***' or type *.


Once you have made all the required changes to the name and codons, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel. We recommend that you check the altered genetic code using the View option to make sure that the changes have been properly interpreted by MEGA.