Testers are needed for developing the next version of MEGA. If you would like to help, please sign up here. This version, named MEGA X, is a major overhaul of MEGA that will run natively on Linux systems in addition to MS Windows.

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*Please note that this is a development version and results obtained using this version of MEGA should not be used for publication.

Sophisticated and user-friendly software suite for analyzing DNA and protein sequence data from species and populations.

Sequence Analyses
  • Phylogeny Inference
  • Model Selection
  • Dating and Clocks
  • Ancestral States
  • Selection and Tests
  • Sequence Alignment
Statistical Methods
  • Maximum Likelihood
  • Distance Methods
  • Ordinary Least Squares
  • Maximum Parsimony
  • Composite Likelihood
  • Bayesian
Powerful Visual Tools
  • Alignment/Trace Editor
  • Tree Explorer
  • Data Explorers
  • Legend Generator
  • Gene Duplication Wizard
  • Timetree Wizard