Example Data

Here are some example files that you can use to try out MEGA.
All files on this page are available in the "Examples" folder installed with MEGA.

File Name Description
ABI01.abi Sample trace file in ABI file format.
Chloroplast_Martin.meg Protein coding genes from chloroplast genome of nine species.
Contigs.meg Human and Chimp contigs for genes/domains tutorial.
Crab_rRNA.meg Sequences for gene encoding mitochondrial large-subunit ribosomal RNA.
D-loop_Vigilant.meg Human mtDNA data from D-loop region.
Distance_Data.meg Sample distance data file generated for six groups using Tamura-Nei model.
Drosophila_Adh.meg Adh sequence data from eleven fruit fly species.
HLA-3Seq.meg Nucleotide sequences of three human class I HLA-A alleles.
hsp20.meg Unaligned HSP20 sequence data for four species.
Hum_Dist.meg Genetic distance data from 15 human populations.
NewickTree.nwk A sample tree topology in Newick file format.
mtCDNA.zip Data files for the timetree tutorial (or download them individually below).
mtCDNA.meg Sequence data for the timetree tutorial.
mtCDNA.nwk Topology for the timetree tutorial.
mtCDNACalibration.txt A sample calibration constraints file, used for the timetree tutorial.
mtCDNACalibrationDensities.txt A sample calibration constraints file of calibrations using statistical distributions. See Tao et al. (2020).
gene_dup_inference.zip Data files for the gene duplication inference tutorial (or download them individually below).
gene_tree.nwk A gene tree for the gene duplication inference tutorial.
species_tree.nwk A trusted species tree for the gene duplication inference tutorial.
taxa_to_species_map.txt A sample file for mapping taxon names to species names, for the gene duplication inference tutorial.
NeiKumar2000.zip Example files from the book, Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics, Nei and Kumar (2000)